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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Attempts for a New Years Resolution(s)

So today is January 9. I am always late! I meant to start a blog last summer.... life (and laziness/procrastination) got in the way. So here I am, a week into 2014 and I'm only now getting my thoughts down. Figures.

2012 was an awesome year. I mean awesome! I pledged a life long love to my best friend in front of friends and family who traveled far and wide to see us, had a sweet bachelorette party with my best girlies, won two marathons and PRd in pretty much every distance I raced. 2013 was going to have a tough time competing with it's predecessor. With such highlights as two (yes two) trips to the Big Island, Hawaii and a big marathon PR of 2:44, I really don't have much to complain about for 2013. But ... there is room for improvement. So here we go 2014.

#1 - Quit Being 5 minutes Late 
No matter how much time I leave my self to get ready, or plan to leave, I just can't be on time.  It's always 5 minutes, I swear! But it's really rude and I want to change this. I am always rushing  (and driving like a maniac), which leads me to number two. 

#2 - No More Speeding Tickets
I vow to drive the speed limit (or realistically, only 5 above!) I got a ticket driving to work the day after x-mas from MT HP. Anger! This is not my first speeding ticket. And since I don't want to be paying out the ass in auto insurance, it is in my best interest to make this one happens.

#3 - Be Nicer to My Customers
This falls under the be a better person category that I'm sure many people use in their yearly resolutions. Well, I need to be more specific than that if I truly want to make an improvement. Being in sales (at my job for eight years now!) and being 'on' as they say, has become more difficult. I will take more deep breaths and smile more. Customer first. 

Now for the fun stuff - some 2014 Running Goals!
#1 PR in the marathon by more than 2 minutes (if I do that, #2 is automatic)
#2 Qualify for the 'B' standard for the 2016 Marathon Olympic Trials (Location TBD)
That's it - just 2 goals that are mutually exclusive. 

Deep breath... here goes... Cheers to 2014!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I must say, the first two resolutions really are co-related. It’s quite hard to avoid getting ticketed if you are always on the rush going to work, or any appointment that you have to catch. And in a way, that could affect your mood the entire day, especially if you get pulled over. Anyway, I wish you luck on keeping those resolutions this year!

    Norma Richards @ Just Bail Bonds