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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Life after PUBIS

Come on now. You didn't think I’d give up that word that quickly did you? Although, people still hesitate when they see me… “How’s your… um… injury… your, um, pelvic bone?” You mean my pubis? Come on! Just say it. I promise, it doesn't disappoint.

Well, to answer this question is complicated.

Some days it’s great, non-existent. Other days … more annoying than anything.  I’m not in pain by any means… but I can still feel symptoms of inflammation: sore groin or stiffness in the lower abdomen. Just like having a hungry orange cat(s)... it just there bugging me. I have been a quick study on activities that aggravate it: fast running on loose dirt, sneezing, sitting in certain positions for long periods… but life MUST go on! And it has. So here’s a bit of an late summer recap mostly in photos, because I'm fairly certain only my mom actually reads this - Hi Mom!

Again this year, I was happy to pace the 3:20 group and help others meet their marathon goals. Love, love, love the second Sunday in July. You can read more about my affinity for the MM here at the end of the post.
Follow this leg!
Nearing the finish! Thanks to Wendy for this photo
(her husband Courtney, pointing and PR'd in 3:18 something!

God has blessed me with an extremely LOUD (and to most people annoying) voice that carries far distances. (Give me a few drinks and I’ll show you how loud!) I should have majored in theater (or auctioneering). So when it comes to spectating, I excel. And when your husband is an Ironman, well, you quickly have to become an endurance spectator.This entails standing on your feet for hours, walking miles between transition and yelling and clapping for everyone, because let’s face it if you only cheer for the person you now you’re a total douche. Ironman Canada was pretty awesome. I also put in quite a few miles on trails in Canada. Just a hideous place really.
Alta Lake swim start. SUPers keep an eye on the swimmers.
No filter.
A girl's gotta have custom signs. 
Thanks to random dude for the photo bomb.
Aunt Pat and I have a little fun of our own in the village.
I take fake bobsledding very seriously.
Yelling at Andy to go faster. He loves that. 
You ready for cocktails? I've been out here all day.
 Solid 5th place finish for the man. 
Look at that poser! Trying to be a trail runner for the day. 
Fun fact: It took me 3 hours to run this trail. I'd like to say I 'power-hiked'
some of the sections, but I'm pretty sure I was just walking.
I have no idea why they call it Green Lake? 
Lost Lake. No filter necessary on this one too. 
See what I mean? UGLY 
I found a waterfall! Eh?!?!

I was fortunate to head to Salt Lake City, UT the first week of August for work. The town was booked because of the Outdoor Retailers show, so my boss and I decided to stay in Park City. My second winter Olympic village visit in 2 weeks, aren’t I spoiled? And a minor bit of elevation training for me (7,000’!) – I had done a few small runs with strides, but this was my first venture into 2 mile repeats, only 2 of them, with quite a scenic back drop. Kind of a turning point for me, some light at the end of the tunnel. 
They call it the Rail Trail. Clever. Park City, UT

My dear friend Molly is going to be a mommy. Her little boy is due in less than a month. I ventured to P-town for Mol’s baby shower. Can you believe it – Molly’s pubis is angry too! Molly’s pain began after a good kick-ball boot at 5 months prego (yah, she’s hard core like that). She thought she blew out her groin, but her doctor told her she shifted her pubis symphysis. She finds relief from a massage therapist, who adjusts some of the tendons that attached to her pubis and shifting that big baby she’s growing off the tender spots. Things to look forward to I suppose…  
Excited for the arrival of this little guy!

Last Best Pace is our team name… an no, it’s not a typo. (It’s a play on Last Best Place, coined by the state of MT). 200 miles, 12 fast women. We were second in the women’s open division, a whole hour+ faster than last year! Here are some highlights of what you can expect in HTC.
  • No sleep
  • Traffic Jams
  • Using only hand sanitizer for 24 hours
  • Using only port-o-pots for 24 hours
  • Sitting in a cramped, car right after racing a 10K
  • Running in the pitch black with a headlamp & binky light
  • Delirium and uncontrolled fits of laughter
  • Champagne at the finish
  • It is seriously WAY to much fun.
  • Did I mention, STANK?
Cheers! Here we go...
Mt Hood start
Action pass
Safety first! Ready to run on the dustiest & darkest road in OR
2 am Shenanigans 
Chillin' before the last leg
Destination: Pacific Ocean. Brrrr!
Mimosa's with a view

So now that the pubis has been relatively calm since mid-July, the thought of a fall marathon seemed inevitable and required. I really wanted to go back to Chicago. I’d like to say it was because of all the things that make that city and ginormous race epic… but mainly I wanted to go back because it’s pancake flat. (I think I've discussed this before… me and hills are not really a match made in heaven.) I also felt an early October race was too soon… so that left me looking into November. I was asking another runner who was racing Missoula Marathon, and she mentioned the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon. Nov 1, fairly flat, potential 2:43 pacer… seemed like a winner. So I’m signed up and the plane tickets have been purchased. And guess who’s coming with me? Andy. Another bonus of doing a late race, Andy’s done racing for the season. So now he can come yell practical statements at me while I run. Andy hasn't seen me race since Dec of 2012 during the hurricane at CIM, so I’m pumped he’ll be there.

It's official if it's on my calendar
2 x 4 miles @ MP in the middle of a long run
Thanks David for being my bike escort and paparazzi
... and for making sure the 'old lady' lived.
Training has crept back… Slow and steady. Speed was introduced cautiously in minor increments - keeping things easy on the pubis. I've had a handful of weeks in the 80+ range. No over-distance running, in fact, my longest long run has been 20 miles. I've found this training block to be especially difficult because I WANT to run fast, I know I can run fast (I have run fast!) but my body just won’t let me go yet. Turnover isn't there. 

A few weeks ago, running a 6 min mile I felt I more resembled a flailing chicken than the gazelle I hope to embody. Today, during that 6 min mile, I've left the spastic chicken behind and have been feeling more like galloping donkey during my speed sessions. An old women on a bike that I passed during an interval last Sunday, even said “Ha! I thought you were a horse!” Listen old lady, I will throw your pretty cruiser in the creek. Doesn't she know about my rage? Luckily (for her) I don’t stop my intervals for anything other than a bowel movement.

So, working on my gazelle skills is testing my patience. Is it odd that I feel like I’m learning to run all over again? Where did the turnover go? If you see it, please bring it back to me. I'm kidding (sort of). I'm hoping the transition from donkey to something more light-footed comes sooner than later ...
Spastic chicken? No touchdown chicken.
Run selfie! 
I went on a hike... it was beautiful! Trapper Peak

Of course, I wouldn't forget my furry friends.
Mr Beaver doing what he does best - chillin'!
I bought them two beds... of course thy want to cram onto one.
Wylie - every morning sleeps in the sink.
Beaver's butt makes a great pillow.
Orange is the new black.
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