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Friday, March 21, 2014

Meet the Pride

I recently took a Buzzfeed test "What kind of cat Are You?"   I immediately thought, duh!, Orange. (This is totally a type of cat, I swear, someone once told me 'Once you go orange you never go back!' - I did not make that up!) Ok, so if not orange, maybe some kind of fluffy, girl cat? 


I got Hairless. Hairless! That's not a cat! I'm sorry, but it looks more like a bald rat or ferret. I'm disappointed buzzfeed... But I do have to say their description is a bit spot on:

You love the simple things in life and this can sometimes make you misunderstood. You’re actually really sweet, which can make it infuriating when people judge you right off the bat. You keep doing you!

That's right, I do. Haters gonna hate! (Only one person I know will think that's funny)

So back to the purpose of this rant. Meet my furry friends! As promised, all cat post. Boom.

Full Name: Harls B. Not-so-slim
Female / 14
Aliases: The Beast, Fatty, Garden City Turkey
Weight: 14 lbs (this is down from a previous 20+, then about 18 for a while - Fatty is getting old :()
Nemesis: Roscoe (RIP), Beaver
In her 14 years, Harley has lived in 9 different houses/apartments.
Her favorite food is anything wet or seafood and she does enjoy a bit of the weed, particularly licking and rolling in catnip. She will (surprisingly) fiercely defend her territory outside to intruding cats or dogs. HATES dogs. 
Motto: Big IS Beautiful or I Will Cut a Bitch (mainly if you take her shrimp)

Harley has been told she has a 'pretty face' .... And she's ok with that because she can claw your eyes out. 

 Harley is crazy smart. Probably smarter than the other three combined and doubled. If she had opposable thumbs and a work ethic, I would be scared.

Full Name: Stephen Colbert
Male / 3
Aliases: Stinkles, Little Bear, Little Stinks, Monkey Man
Weight: 8 lbs (he's soooo little)
Friends: Harley, Beaver, Wylie, Alex, Natalie (Steve's been known to have a play date)
Enjoys: Chasing shadows and his tail, playing with shoe laces and licking Andy’s armpit. 
Like a 5’ 9” running back, Steve can bully his way into any room he’s not supposed to enter. He’s low to the ground and tough to catch.
Steve never fully learned to cry like a normal cat... then again, not much is normal about the little man.
 Failure. To. Thrive.
Medicine: Stinks is the only cat who takes daily 'roids to help with his autoimmune disease (yah, he's allergic to his own teeth or gingivitis on his teeth or something). He also is on prescription food because he has a calcified bladder (that stumped all the vets in town.) So it's about $3 extra a day to keep Steve around... We'd pay $100 if we had to. 

He's so little. 
I love this photo because it show his missing row of bottom teeth since the rotted out due to his autoimmune disease.

Full Name: Wylie E. Boots
Male / 3
Aliases: Bootsie, Boots, Floppsy
Weight:11 lbs
Enjoys: Laser pointers, belly rubs and laps. He will immediately zero in on anyone who hates cats and want to be their bestie.
Signature moves: Sprinting out of the litter box after doing his business, and when finding himself alone in an empty room, screaming until someone answers him.
Wylie has no concept of 'Stranger Danger' - he loves everyone!  

This cat loves to play. Thank goodness the automatic laser keeps him busy for minutes. 
Wylie sleeps in a sink (and a drawer too.)

Wylie has a 'thing' for Kory Burgess' shoes. Not sure why, but he can't get enough! If I could figure out how to post a video, it shows Wylie going circles with his head in the shoe.

Full Name: Mr. Beaver Las Vegas
Male / 4-ish?
Aliases: The Beav, Beavie, Jerk-face
Weight:17 lbs
Enjoys: Hunting/taunting Harley, looking out the window & eating French fries
Clearly Beaver sufferers from OCD, if you move or sit in ‘his’ chair, he can’t function until it’s in the right place or he’s sitting in it. He also has his ‘own’ counter that the other smaller and/or fatter cats can’t reach.
Although he can be frisky at times and enjoys showing off his hunting prowess, he won't play with any cat toys. He will only play with a twistie-tie like you would use on a garbage bag. 
Beaver enjoys fresh running water. Once we bought him a continuous fountain of fresh drinking water... he wouldn't use it.
I wanted a good pic of the Beav showing his size. He's a big boy. An athlete. 
Chillin' and airing out his man parts.

Hope you enjoyed meeting the pride!